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How To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones Fast


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Before we talk about how to get successfully rid of tonsil stones, we should first discuss what a tonsil stone is. Not everyone knows what a tonsil stone is, or how to recognize if they have one. Tonsil stones are similar to kidney stones. They are calcifications that grow on the tonsils in clusters. Tonsils are the kidney shaped structures on the back of your throat. They contain lymphocytes which are responsible for fighting infections and the prevention of them as well. The tonsils are almost like a wide net that is meant to be the powerhouse of the immune system, stopping foreign agents before they can enter into the body and cause harm.

Tonsil stones are when you have calcifications that form on the tonsils that can cause pain. Because the tonsils are very porous, it is possible for them to accumulate dead cells and other debris. It is those things that cause the build-up that become calcified and become tonsil stones. When you have tonsil stones, it is not uncommon to have frequent infections or repeated illness called tonsillitis. It is the most common cause for the removal of the tonsils, a surgical procedure.

The good news is that there are ways to get rid of tonsil stones, and not all of them involve going under the knife. If you want to keep your tonsils less inflamed, working properly and doing the job that they were meant to do, then try these home remedies to keep you tonsil stone-free.


8 ways to get rid of tonsil stones


1. Salt water

Salt water will help to wear away at the tonsil stone and make it start to dislodge from the tonsils. It most likely will take a while to get the stone to dislodge, but gargling will have the additional benefit of relieving the soreness and pain that can come from tonsil stones. It is also a great way to rid the tonsils of infection and draw out any inflammation. Take a teaspoon of natural sea salt and apply it to a cup of warm water. Using the mixture, take a swig of it and gargle for a minimum of five minutes. Doing it daily will not only help to remove any existing stones, it will prevent any new ones from forming.

2. Hydration

When you don’t drink a lot of water throughout the day, you allow bacteria and debris to build up on the tonsils. If you drink a healthy amount of water throughout the day, you will stop your mouth and tonsils from being dry and allowing anything to accumulate on them. Drink at least a glass of water every two to three hours to ensure that you are rinsing the tonsils from those things that can create tonsil stones. Don’t substitute other things like sports drinks, or sodas. They contain sugars which can get caught in the tonsils and exasperate the situation instead of preventing it.

3. Floss and tongue scraping

Many people understand how important it is to brush daily, but they don’t really understand the concept of tongue scraping and flossing. When you brush, you don’t target the debris that gets caught elsewhere in the mouth, namely in the tonsil region. If you use good hygiene habits such as flossing and scraping your tongue with a brush, you are less likely to develop tonsil stones and infection at the back of the mouth.

4. Gargle with mouthwash

Mouthwash is not only a great way to get rid of bad breath, it is a great way to prevent tonsil stones. The reason, why many people have chronic halitosis, is because they have undiagnosed tonsil stones. When you use mouthwash that has alcohol in it, it works to kill any bacteria growth that can be lurking in the back of the throat. You can use over-the-counter products that kill bacteria and viruses, or you can gargle with hydrogen peroxide which can do the same thing and also whiten your teeth. Make sure to gargle once a day to get either rid of stones that have formed or to prevent new ones from growing or forming.

5. Remove it yourself

There are times when you can actually remove the tonsil stone by yourself. If it is pronounced enough that you can spot it, there is no reason you would need surgery to remove it. Buy a clean eye dropper and put it up on the stone. Applying suction to the stone, you can pull it out by suctioning it. It should come off with very little discomfort.

6. Massage it off

If you can see the actual stone than take your toothbrush and brush up against it. Apply gentle movements to get it to loosen from the tonsil. Don’t hit it too hard, or you can tear the skin from the tonsil. With gentle circular movement, you should be able to dislodge the stone and have it come loose with very little effort.

 7. Lemon juice

If you want to get rid of tonsil stones, you can gargle with lemon juice. Lemon juice is a known anti-bacteria agent, and it is also caustic. Take a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it with a quarter cup of water. Gargle with the mixture for five minutes, or as long as you can handle it. Once you are done, take the toothbrush and try to massage it again. The lemon should eat away at any bacteria, and make it easier to remove the stone without effort.

8. Garlic

Sure, you are trying to get rid of bad breath, but garlic is a known anti-bacterial agent that may cause odor in the interim, but it will work to get rid of the stone and get rid of your chronic bad breath. If you can stand it, suck in a garlic clove for about ten minutes. The suction movement will help to loosen the stone, and the garlic will work to eat away at the bacteria that is holding it in place.

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