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How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor Fast


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Foot odor is something that can really be noxious. There are some material used for shoes that will naturally begin to smell if it becomes wet, and if that is the case, those types of materials may be good to stay away from. If you are someone who experiences foot odor, no matter what type of shoes you are wearing, then you have a chronic condition. Most foot odor stems from sweat sitting on the skin, that is why wearing socks to absorb the moisture is so important, but for some it may not be enough.

If you are tired of not being able to take your shoes off without clearing a room, try these home remedies to care for foot odors.


10 ways to get rid of foot odor


1. Baking soda

Baking soda is not only something that is excellent for curing food odors in your refrigerator, it is excellent for removing foot odors. To take care of foot odor, add a tablespoon of baking soda to your shoes and move it around the soles of the shoe. You can also apply it directly to your feet to absorb the moisture and the odor of sweaty feet.

2. Talcum powder

Talcum powder is an excellent way to stop the sweat that leads to odor on your feet. A natural antiperspirant, it can help your feet stay dry even during exercise to stop the odor that results. Add some talcum powder to your shoes, or sprinkle it on your feet and socks to stop your feet from becoming wet from sweat.

3. Alum

An ingredient that has long been added to antiperspirants, alum is a natural antiperspirant that works with feet too. It helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria that leads to odor. It also has astringent properties. Use alum to wash off the surface of your feet. For tough odors you not only want to soak in solution of alum dissolved in water, you will want to dry your feet and sprinkle it on your feet to stop them from perspiring.

4. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is an anti-fungal. Working to stop any fungal growth on the toes and feet, you can either use it in your shoe or use it as a wash for your feet. It also helps to kill bacteria that is the cause of foot odor. The best part about it is that it smells so refreshing. Put just a few drops of lavender oil into a soaking bath, or apply it to your shoes to keep your feet smelling great. If you are going to use it as a soak, use it daily for a minimum of a week to see some real results.

5. Vinegar

Although not so great smelling, vinegar is an anti-bacterial which can help to stop the growth leading to odor. Soak your feet in vinegar to help get rid of smelly feet. It can neutralize the acids found in sweat and even if you do sweat a lot; it won’t lead to odor. Once you soak with it, you will want to rinse thoroughly; otherwise you will trade the smell of bacterial growth for the smell of vinegar.

6. Throw out old shoes

We all have that pair of shoes that we just can’t seem to replace. The problem is that, at a certain point, you have to. Holding onto shoes that smell isn’t a good idea. Every time you put your foot in them you are introducing bacteria back onto your feet. Worse yet, you are tainting all your socks to smell. Then you are transferring those socks into your new shoes, The first thing you have to do is to say goodbye. For every pair lost, there is always one that is ready to take the place. You will find a new favorite. Next time protect them better, so they don’t smell.

7. Wear socks

It is in style to wear shoes without socks, but you are only ensuring that your shoes won’t last. All it is going to take is one good sweat, or for your shoes to get wet and sit up on your skin, and they will be ruined. Once bacteria get into the soles and fibers of your shoes, it is near impossible to get rid of. If you have shoes that are closed toe, make a point of always wearing socks with them instead of going barefooted, if you want them to last.

8. Baby powder

Baby powder is not going to be as good as baking soda or talcum powder, but it does smell really good. If you want to wear some shoes that have an odor, it is a great quick fix to stop the odor for a while. The smell is almost always going to return, but you can get away with wearing them for a little while as long as you have a thick pair of socks.

9. Check your socks

If you have a hard time with foot odor, and shoe odor, check out the type of socks that you are investing in. There are some socks that are better than others at whisking sweat and moisture away from the feet. They work to cut back on bacterial growth. Some people scoff at the high price of some socks that are made for athletes. If you are someone who wears your sneakers well, then you know what a big difference sock material can make.

10. Lemon juice

Lemons are an anti-bacterial agent. If you have a hard time getting your feet to stop smelling, you can rub some lemon juice on them. Literally, cut a lemon in half and run it along the underside of your foot and in between your toes. It is a quick fix that will last throughout the day killing any bacteria before it has the chance to multiply. Just be careful, lemon can be very caustic and can cause dryness. In the case of feet; that is not going to be a good thing. Dry skin can lead to callouses or even blisters, so be sure only to use it sparingly when nothing else works.

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