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Eczema Home Remedies

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Result of allergies
Jody 2014-11-07
Eczema is a complex disease, but in most cases is the result of allergies. The situation may improve, if we cast out of diet foods, which usually creates an allergic reaction (eg, milk, dairy products, eggs, hazelnuts, etc.). Cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil or shea butter is usually worth more than any of the "miraculous balm" - use it freely to areas of skin that are affected by eczema. Make a tea of marigold, add 5 drops of lavender essential oil with (soft brush) twice a day, and apply it on the sick parts. Use fresh leaves of aloe vera in the vulnerable areas of skin - it is about one of the most miraculous balsam against eczema.

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Eliminate eczema
Catherine 2014-10-27
Eczema is a skin related problem: itching and spots are shown. Coconut oil is helpful for elimination of eczema. A thin layer of coconut oil on the infected parts of skin is enough to deal with this problem. The problem is treated naturally with the help of coconut oil and there are no side effects but time is required. Coconut oil is helpful for skin and it has strong powers for healing many types of skin related problems including eczema. Regular use of coconut oil is important to make sure that you are free from eczema and other skin related problems.

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