Can We Gain Weight By Eating Banana?
  Do Bananas Make You Gain Weight?   Are you worried about gaining weight from eating bananas? Well, you’re not alone. This can be quite a confusing topic as we commonly associate fruit as being healthy. You may be gutted to hear that bananas could potentially be the ca... read more »
31 Healthy Low Calorie Weight Loss Dinner Recipes
  1. Rosemary roasted chicken with bell peppers and potatoes Found at   2. Spaghetti bolognese. Found at   3. 20 minute shrimp sausage paleo skillet meal Found at   4. One Pan Baked Salmon & ... read more »
Fungal Infection And Things To Know About It
There are fungi that are edible and are actually used as an ingredient to recipes we usually cook. However, there are some that can cause infection and lead to diseases that are life – threatening. It will be a good thing to arm yourself with the right knowledge so you’ll know ... read more »
What Causes Congenital Heart Disease
Congenital Heart disease is usually diagnosed at birth and can last up to adulthood. It is caused by developmental problems in the function and structure of the heart of the embryo during pregnancy. As it disrupts the blood flowing through the heart, the breathing can also be affected. The... read more »
What Women Need To Know About Menopause
Every woman will experience menopause at one time in their life as it is an indication that their fertility and monthly periods are to end. In short, she will no longer have the ability to bear a child, as the ovaries will stop making eggs and the body will produce lesser progesterone and ... read more »
Best Remedies For Stomach Flu
Getting sick is one of the things that we all like to avoid as much as possible. Stomach flu is no exception, especially since it’s always associated with fever, nausea, chills, diarrhea, and other aches and muscle pains that makes it more uncomfortable. While there isn’t any c... read more »
Knowing Everything About Cold And Flu
Common colds and influenza, or commonly known as flu, are infections of the respiratory system that are contagious. These are both airborne and can spread through sneezing and coughing. Although it typically infects the nose and the throat, colds and the flu can go worse and affect the lun... read more »
Understanding Anxiety
Stress is a normal part of life and our body responds to it through anxiety, that feeling of apprehension and fear of not knowing what’s to come next. We all experience it an one point or another, but if it lasts for a longer time, like let’s say more than 6 months and is alrea... read more »
When Eating Becomes A Disorder
Eating is an activity we all do to survive and when done right, can lead to a healthy and fit lifestyle. However, there are some people who are suffering from eating disorders. Contrary to common belief that it’s just a lifestyle option, it is a physical and mental illness characteri... read more »
Depression: More Than Just A Mood Disorder
A lot of people who don’t have much of an idea about depression, often classify it as a feeling of loss, sadness, or even anger, that can affect a person’s ability to accomplish his or her daily task. Simply put, people think that it’s a mood disorder that can be easily d... read more »